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The perfect exercise to achieve a well-toned body, Zumba targets multiple muscle groups at the same time. more detailed information around best casino australia. At Ozone Model Town, Zumba training is provided by World-renowned well-trained professionals with years of experience under their belt.



The age old Indian science is all about the bond of nature and body. At Ozone Model Town, Yoga is promoted not just as a fitness regime, but a way of life.


Rock climbing

Ideal for those with an adventurous streak, Rock Climbing is a great blend of extreme sports and exercise. The infrastructure at Ozone Model Town provides a rare rock climbing experience, under the guidance & supervision of trained male & female professionals.

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Spinning & RPM

Cycling is a great and fun way of staying fit, as well as popular among all age groups. Ozone Model Town offers a one-of-a-kind premium indoor cycle (IC7) that combines award-winning design, a two-stage drivetrain and an engaging digital experience.



Cardio exercise is a great way to achieve greater heart muscle strength, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and get rid of stress. With the World’s most advanced Cardio workout machine – PowerMill Climber, we help you achieve all of that. Featuring a high-definition touch screen, you can access entertainment apps, internet, TV, interactive courses & even connect your own device for a healthy and fun workout session.



Core training provides a muscular framework that protects internal organs, aids movement, and lends balance and stability to the whole body. Ozone Model Town provides a 360 degree training regimen for its patrons, with deep focus and personalised solutions.

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Strength Training

Strength training helps to build muscles and lose fat, and is a high calorie-burn exercise. This exercise reduces the risk of injury, at the same time strengthening the body without bulking up. Ozone Model Town provides its patrons with the World’s most expensive strength training equipment – THE INSIGNIA SERIES – with automatic rep counters to create a truly memorable experience.


Muscle Toning

Not just a great exercise to look good, bodybuilding & muscle toning also promotes good health and keeps you feeling energetic throughout the day.

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Weight Training

Workout using top of the line equipments under the guidance of our expert male & female trainers who have delivered exceptional results within months with their experienced & dedicated training.  We use the World’s most accurate body composition analyser (muscle, fat and water) InBody USA, to keep track of your weight loss journey.


Hamam & Ice Spa

To rejuvenate your body after a hectic workout, step into our World-class Hamam & Ice spa experience with soothing music to relax your muscles & mind.

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If you are committed to improving your health, we are committed to give you the best resources to achieve that! From World’s most advanced bike IC7, to state-of-the-art Strength Training (Insignia Series) & Cardio (PowerMill Climber) equipments, Ozone Model Town can be a healthy addition to your life.